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Man is to find a good job in July to lose 70 pound

The newspaper news( reporter Huang Qi Zhu Sufang correspondent ) in order to find a good job ,230 jinsstumpy within 7 months to reduce 160 catties,yesterday, live in Jianghan District Yang branching Lake Zhou Chi out of his own before and after weight loss to CF ,complaining of weight loss after .
The photo ,to lose weight before he was tubby ,charmingly naive ,after reducing weight, stature as fitness coach ,face better ,a bit like star Kenji Wu .Zhou Chi, aged 22 ,is the Hubei University senior .
Due to high school is a discus throwing athletes ,so the requirements of being overweight as well, the coach said, as long as it doesn support dead ,eat !So ,my weight soared .University ,184 cm in heighthe reached the weight of 230 kg,the weight for 4 years ,Zhou Chi also did not feel to have what not good ,until the university graduates quickly find working face .
Zhou Chi interview was with hotel administration post ,human resource manager saw him said :you are so fat ,I without you wear to work ?The people around her mouth secretly laugh, let Zhou Chi is awkward .
Later ,he continues to interview several units ,louboutin,are not accepted ,then he began to reflect on myself ,eloquence good,louboutin pas cher, character also generous talker ,why has the job on the road bumps ?Until one time ,Louboutin Pas Cher,he went to a fashion store manager candidates ,said: you HISTEP has an advantage very much ,but the boy was too fat to wear clothes not type ,also does not show the temperament .
Zhou Chi once again by the blow ,finally moved to lose weight mind .Girlfriend the first support him to lose weight ,then ,Zhou Chi begin to exercise 2 hour a day ,also asked his friend ,fitness trainer is responsible for directing their own ,louboutin,in the diet also paid great attention to ,give up before eating the hot pepper and midnight snack .
7 months later ,he finally cut into a bodybuilding metrosexual man .Zhou Chi said ,after reducing weight does not feel any physical discomfort ,but in the diet is healthy .At present, he will prepare for the edge edge ,do swimming coach ,go to all lengths to find a good job .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN021 ),to break major telecommunications fraud gang members are mostly Thai hiding in Dongguan swindlers Thailand victims in the Thailand royals in Guangzhou Dongguan set up telecommunications fraud dens to call Thailand, bank employees or the identity of the police Thailand claims involved transfer deposit requirements ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the victims even members of the royal family in Thailand .
The Thai police forces ,led to the special fraud people of Thailand multinational telecommunications fraud group end .Yesterday,louboutin pas cher, 10 Thaiman was handed over to the thai .The reporter learns from the Ministry of public security ,the group were more than 210, the amount of 150000000 baht( about 30000000 yuan) .
The police strike action suspects arrested early morning dream in March of this year ,the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau received the Thailand police bulletin, in Guangdong Province Dongguan city there is a telecommunications fraud crime of fraud ,object is Thailand people ,Thailand police are asking the Chinese police to assist in the investigation .
After receiving the Thai bulletin ,the Ministry of public security establishs case group, after 1 months of investigation ,mastered the suspect get a large number of criminal facts and evidence .
The gang in Dongguan Houjie town of south gate element heart village a 5 layer building office ,usually remain within doors ,posing as public officials frequently to Thailand call fraud .
Stop, in the name of the law !May 9th morning 6 when make,Houjie town of Dongguan south gate element heart village house residences appeared more than 50 policeand a number of Thailand police .
The 10 was in dreamThai suspects before the reaction ,was the police capture in one fell swoop .During the operation, Chinese police have arrested 6 men and 4 women were10 Thaisuspects and Taiwan ,the mainland of a suspect .
The police found ,the 10 Thaisuspect each other do not know, are recruited through the way of coming to Dongguan to participate in a crime .Reportedly ,the case involving a total of more than 210 telecommunicationsfraud case ,the value of 150000000 baht.
Among them, the largest telecommunications fraud cases with value 6040000yuan.Thailand royals also had been the gang swindle .Transfer of the suspect 10 gang members weretransferred to the Thai 4 pm yesterday afternoon,at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, China formally handed over to the police the Thai 10 Thailand nationalitythe criminal suspect and the relevant evidential materials .
11 pm last night ,9suspects werebrought to the plane ,escorted back to Thailand .According to the police, and a suspect for pregnant would be the right way to escort .According to the special group of staff, according to the laws of China ,Chinese police in the completion of the Thai criminal suspects to review the treatment work, decided to 10 Thailand nationalitysuspects by the Thailand police .
Posing as public officials case secret telephone fraud according to the police ,the telecommunications fraud gang member cooperates with division of labour ,as banks ,police ,procuratorate staff ,divided into 3 lines,constitute a complete fraud chain .
Posing as a bank clerk workers a total of 5 ,according to their companies to provide information ,to the Thailand domestic call or send text messages ,pretend to be bank staff said their bank accounts suspected of money laundering crime ,make the party leave the phone ,names and other more detailed information .
Then they put the acquired data to the second person .Thai man Fu et al as second-line personnel ,Louboutin Outlet,while posing as police continue to the customer if the other account money less than 5000 baht,or conscious of being just hang up the phone .
If that the other side is rich and believe firmly ,Fu et al can call directly to play a senior police officer, who ,Louboutin,by their last fraud ,providing a so-called security account ,let the other side to put the money to them .
Customer deceived ,there will be people in Thailand or China Taiwan will withdraw the money .The gang to avoid combat ,usually will use some code ,such as to collect the money people called drivers ,transfer room called water room .
Article / Chi Haibo correspondent Chinese police yesterday formally 10 Thaisuspects over to the Thai photograph /CFP to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended

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[sports] Province sixth staff and worker shuttleco



He arrested and detained for 10 days during woundi

People's University Dean of the chemistry departme

Students in the whole class graduation photo when

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Sanitation workers in dead later not compensate continued sashim

Yangcheng EveningNews reporter He Yuhua correspondent reports :,Lai announced the morning of March 31st ,more than seven sanitation workers in Guangzhou Zhongshan road and Liwan road junction ,as a workmate Qiu Liang to recover compensation .
After the Liwan District City Bureau coordination ,contract firms Guangzhou Kai Property Management Limited and the family members of the deceased to reach a compensation agreement ,the company to advance 400000 yuan to thefamilies of the deceased are dead ,and then apply for compensation ,at the same time ,the company take the family food and lodging ,louboutin pas cher,transportation costs .
The government of Liwan District in response to this call ,District Urban Management Bureau has first time home condolences to the families of the deceased, and sent condolences to Kim ,at the same time ,also to the families of the deceased explain relevant policy , is killed workers to apply for compensation ,but the need for approval for a certain period of time .
In addition ,louboutin pas cher,property companies and families have been compensation negotiation ,but failed to reach an agreement .Nine forty in the morning of March 15th ,34sanitation workersQiu Liang in Liwan District six two three road Chung edge cleaning ,is a homeless man stabbed abdomen died .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot January 8th ,Yunnan, the Engineering Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as the run the company ) 3 employeeson site accident ,cause was driving the Hao Mou to die on the spot .
Because a few months down run the company and the families of deceased compensation agreement cannot be reached, recently, families of the deceased in the run the company door is a wreath ,with the mourning hall, to run the company creates pressure ,to make compensation .
The family of the deceased :on the cause of his death expressed doubts about the deceased Hao is the person ,in 2001 he went to the Yunnan Agricultural University ,after graduating from University, has run the company work ,before his death he was the engineer ,and the Dali girl Li married ,just bought a new house has completed renovation .
The wife says :our days started well ,still want to make the old man took to live together, now the birth of a child without father ,I really don know how to say with the child .After the incident ,a father and brother came in from Shaanxi ,when I saw my brother at the funeral ,he a serious wound in the head ,neck and face is scarred, mouth was open ,I thought he died too strange.
See the dead ,in horror ,the deceased brother temporarily be hardly worthy of belief ,doubt brother and cause of death ,in January 16th to sign the agreement the night before he couldn ,toss and turn restlessly ,the final decision to consider again after the year to run the firm theory .
I see that my brother was with him two men ,not only on their body without injury ,still laughing ,I have more doubts about his brother .In many negotiations after the fruit, the family of the deceased will come up in the run the company out of the hall door .
Yesterday afternoon ,when a reporter to Panjiang road run the company, the family of the deceased has been temporarily placed in the office ,his wife looked at his increasingly protruding belly ,louboutin,face the sadness and helplessness .
The company responsible for the people :the consultations fail to take judicial way yesterday afternoon ,reporter phone interviewed Yunnan to run the project director of a limited company Yangtze River Cloud River Plain ,Yunchuan said ,in January 8th after the accident, they immediately informed the Hao some families ,the two sides in January 15th reached a basic agreement :run the company compensation for the dead by the family member 600000 yuan ,the very next day was originally signed agreements for days ,but Jiang Yunchuan found that the families of the deceased have back home, and Hao a body still has been placed at the funeral parlor .
Years later when the family of the deceased appears again ,I find that they have been around for government departments to complain ,saying we faked the traffic accident scene ,I think this time to talk about money of little significance ,but this is something illegal ,we can only take the judicial way .
River Yunchuan said ,at present the accident responsibility confirmation has not survived, Hao a cause of death is not clear ,and Hao a relatives suspect ,Public Security Bureau has to run the company with the time of the incident and Hao one together two employees launched an investigation ,the company no longer and the family of the deceased consultation ,they will be based on the judiciary the final outcome of the trial to make compensation .
Jiang Yunchuan also said ,the deceased have been run the company work ,the company give employee unified purchase five social insurance and one housing fund ,the insurance company will make corresponding compensation .
They also placed a wreath at the door of our company and the establishment of the mourning hall, who will not accept ,I will make them temporarily living in office, we will as soon as possible to get this thing done ,or to the company for the dead are not good .

Man was diagnosed as abnormal menstruation hospita

48 year old woman was bitten by the dog suffering

Patients with 18 yuan price buys medicine drug dea

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The bus driver on the alarm clock to energy vibrat

Commutersmay know this :the most happy thing is natural sleep wake up to sleep ,several money hand cramps ,but they are a luxury .More realistic is :many workers are the morning wake up by alarm ,in a daze reluctantly up .
This two day ,micro-blog has a message but frightened many people .Micro-blog said ,sleep suddenly awakened the equivalent of a drunk; long been awakened will lead to chronic stress ,depression ,hypertension ,increased the risk of heart disease .
This is really justified ?The Yangtze Evening News to understand .There really is noisy of the people of Nanjing have a bus driver was downtown red light running a month penalty of more than 1000 pieces of alarm unpleasant not false ,but made Zhong Zhen be noisy disease ?Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter East Hospital ,also encountered such a case -- for Nanjing public transit driver master Wang ,alarm clock is a hundred-percent .
Because the job needs ,king master every day at 5 in the morning to get up ,go to bed in the evening before the set alarm clock was the Master Wang law .In the morning, the alarm goes off ,without the slightest hesitation ,king master with the very quick speed Tang get up ,rapid completion of the morning program ,a variety of essential that sit bus to unscrew the key start ,also appears in half in state .
Sleepwalking consequences is inattention .In a month, Mr. Wang has repeatedly running the red light, the light is in the hands in one thousand yuan . Always think easily distracted ,see the red light will react to parking .
Master Wang told reporters .No way,louboutin, king master found the Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University mental psychiatric director Yuan Yonggui .Yuan Yonggui told the king master ,this will happen is because in a long time awakened state, thus affecting the normal emotional and working state .
If in deep sleep wake up ,wake up the discomfort will be worse .Yangtze Evening News reporter Yang Tianzi three night early morning to sleep by 80white-collaralarm clock night staring at the computer not sleepy ,is unwilling to get up on the morning of implantation .
How many people in this condition ?Reporters in Nanjing a forum for white-collar work conducted a small survey .A total of 76 white-collar workers in Nanjingto participate in the survey ,only 14 of people say they can sleep naturally wake up ,the remaining 62 work days,almost every morning wake up by alarm or family ,accounted for more than 80% .
Then ,in the evening go to bed ?Involved in the investigation of these people, there are three night owl have been spent to 12 at night until after may sleep, more than 60% people go to bed at night time 11to 12 a.
m..But that is ,most units are implementing the punch in ,which is undoubtedly a great contradiction .Before the curtain for slit the very next day sunshine wake you up 1the best way is togo to bed and get up early director Yuan Yonggui tells a reporter ,everyone is yearning woke up is the best state of the body .
If can form sunrise ,sunset and breath of the regular work and rest ,in a long time after natural sleep habits ,must not expect .2 if notearlier, first from the timed get up and start expert advice ,if white-collar cannot do go to bed ,can try timing getting up .
If woken up by the alarm clock ,can be a little sleep ,not like a robot turning up at once .3 if or not to leave ,before going to bed curtain slit in a university hospital mental department director Yuan Yonggui told reporters ,wake up the sun never less than electronic alarm clock ,also not being awakened suddenly adrenal hormone surge in the sense of terror .
Night curtain pull ,may wish to leave a little space .When the morning was light ,louboutin pas cher,the body will accelerate the serotonin metabolism ,accompanied by a biological clock at the same time to remind you ,sun sunshine ,it !4 there is no more :get up 8ideasfrom the point of .
.. ... Since 8 ,in a big night for Miss Xu every week through this mumble torrid up big battle . ,seems to be the biological clock can understand what I said just before going to bed ,I repeated them several times ,at this point the very next day wake up naturally .
Explanation of director Yuan Yonggui ,like Miss Xu that up is one of the reliable approach ,this method is suitable for the psychological suggestion strong people .Subconscious mind in time ,will get up on time of impression formation .
The 5 isto use an alarm clock ,alarm clock is set to a in order to make alarm louder ,many people will alarm set to dazzle most folk style with agricultural metal style of the divine comedy .
But the big hospital cardiovascular department of internal medicine deputy chief physician Ye Hangzhou said ,the alarm will only make the awakened hazards increased .The correct approach should be set to crescendo alarm mode ,at the same time to choose light music alarm ,reduce up pressure .
Yangtze Evening News reporter Yang Tianzi welcome to comment to share: the micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN010 )the newspaper news ( reporter Yang Dehe Wang Shaofang Intern) yesterday morning ,louboutin,Xi city a hospital emergency department electrocardiogram room ,burst into a man ,louboutin pas cher,who allegedly stabbed a female nurse .
Staff fully subdued the man ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,unfortunately ,Louboutin Outlet,female nurses injured died .Eyewitness :man office violence happened in yesterday morning about ten ten .Witnesses said ,when a man broke into the hospital floor for an office, and was busy nurses Li dispute, after brandishing a knife to kill Lee ,the shoulders ,chest ,abdominal multiple injuries .
Noon 12 pm ,reporters rushed to the hospital, the site has been the police and hospital closures, the police is investigating .Reporters to the near understanding ,police and hospital staff .
Trailing stop staff and several witnesses at the scene told reporters about the situation .Then ,press close to the office .The office is suspended above the ambulatory electrocardiogram and resuscitation room two brands ,the door has been locked by staff ,door can see inside the facility and messy, but there is no obvious blood .
Experience :subdued the hospital workers .A worker said ,he heard the front immediately after the accident ,and his colleagues to go ,I see that man sitting in the office of a stool ,knife in hand ,nurses Li squatting shrinkage in foundation .
See critical condition ,we want to go rescue Xiao Li ,but the knife-wielding man brandished a knife and said this has nothing to do with others ,let you out ,but we had to retreat to the door .
In desperation ,someone reported to the police .In the alarm, the man suddenly stood up to Lee ,Chong Li stomach with a knife ,Oka Ichi no,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, rushed in, and the struggle, but in this period ,the murderer and constantly with a knife stabbed at random to li .
Finally, we put the assailant down, its control .The fight, a hospital worker hand was injured in a knife sweeping .Reportedly ,the victim of Lee, 25,Weinan, Hancheng ,to work in the hospital for two years or so .
After the incident ,Lee was rushed to hospital operation room ,but soon died of his wound .The reporter learns ,the victims were in seven knife .Police :the causes of the incident is emotional entanglements yesterday, Baqiao branch Police Hong Qing police station police said ,cases are caused by emotional conflict ,two people were once lovers relationship .
But the police did not disclose specific details .Yesterday afternoon ,the police with the identified scene ,the victim Li families have to deal with the aftermath of xi .Reportedly ,the assailant Zhang, around the village ,and a victim of Lee were once lovers ,the feelings of two problems already broke up .
two people had been separated for two years ,but still often see this boy to the hospital looking for Li ,louboutin pas cher,Li disagreed with him may be located it .The hospital staff as saying .According to an insider, the night of April 6th, Zhang one night did not go home, but to his family sent a short message ,said that he had bought a knife ,do not want to live ,I parents .
After the family had in the night looking for him everywhere, but ultimately did not find .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today (

13岁少女拿压岁钱做人流康复中心被要求腾退教室 80余聋儿面临安置问题

[sports] Province sixth staff and worker shuttleco



[Bobang Cheng LCD splicing wall display system in

Research referred to property disputes and children interfer

The Murdoch Memorandum will serve as the two president of the board of directors

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